Buying a Sex Toy in Georgia, US Could Get You a Year of Hard Labour!

sex toy & gun

If you live in the state of Georgia it’s legal to carry your gun into church, but in some cities if you tried to buy a sex toy you’d be arrested. In the small town of Sandy Springs just north of Atlanta a city ordinance prohibits anyone from buying sex dolls within city limits unless it’s been prescribed by a doctor and two residents have had enough. Melissa Davenport and Marshall Henry are suing the city over the ordinance. Davenport, 44, suffers from multiple sclerosis and the disease has severe repercussions on her nervous system and on her sex life, something that she’s found sex toys can help relieve. Marshall Henry is an artist who takes his inspiration from what Georgia lawmakers would call the obscene and wants to use sex toys in his work, as well as in his bedroom. But Henry and Davenport are left without the option of…


Menendez Watch


Stories are popping all over differnt media outlets raising more questions about Sen. Robert Menendez. From the Washington Free Beacon: Sen. Bob Menendez (D., N.J.) attempted years ago to block a merger of two Hispanic media companies that would have hurt financially a major donor and damaged the senator’s own stock holdings.   Menendez fought hard to prevent the merger between Univision and the Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation when he was a representative in Congress. He argued that the merger between the two companies would give Univision unacceptable market power and would hurt other Hispanic media companies, in particular the Florida-based Spanish Broadcasting System, in testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee.   Menendez failed to mention during his testimony that he owned stock in Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) and that SBS principals were major campaign donors.   Menendez’s financial disclosure forms show he owned Spanish Broadcasting System stock when the hearing took…


Still Looking For That Light

lightswitch obama

Today was not a 9/11 day. It’s hot, muggy; the heat is oppressive, even   Sept. 11, 2001, was bright blue, a clear sky, the perfect kind of September day. Until, of course, it wasn’t. Twelve years after that horrible, horrible day, where are we?  Are we demonstrably better off? Are we safer?  Do we have, to quote the president last year on the campaign trail, al-Qaida on the run? Sadly, the answer appears to be no. Today, the names were read aloud. The bells tolled again at those fateful times, the moments the planes crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the field in Shanksville, Pa. The moments the two towers fell. The moments 2,977 of our fellow citizens were killed. By 19 cowards. Nineteeen terrorists who died for a cause as hollow, as morally bankrupt as those men were. And  yet, where are we today?  We  have an administration…


Christie and ObamaCare


Gov. Chris Christie today reaffirmed his decision not to create state-run health exchanges in New Jersey, as Obamacare requires, and instead let the federal government do it. But what does that mean for the state of New Jersey? Not to mention the state of Obamacare as well. Well, some conservative opponents of Obamacare say that by refusing to have the state create its own network, Christie and the other GOP governors may actually be helping to end Obamacare as we know it. Here’s more from Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute: Here’s another complicating factor: Most states have not yet set up an exchange. Many, especially ones with Republican governors or legislatures, may refuse altogether. By most estimates, as few as 15 states are likely to have exchanges in operation by the 2014 deadline. ObamaCare gives the feds the authority to step in, setting up and operating an exchange in any…


Frankie, We Hardly Knew Ye

Sen. Frank Lautenberg

In a surprise to no one, Sen. Frank Lautenberg announced today that he will not seek re-election. The happiest man in New Jersey? Cory Booker. The unhappiest? Probably Geraldo Rivera. But Lautenberg’s decision to retire, rather than face what would have likely been a brusing primary battle against Booker, now opens the door to a bruising primary fight without him. In effect, all the Democrats who diecded not to run against Gov. Chris Christie had left the door open to running against Lautenberg — so that means that the primary that would ahve taken place in 2013 now will take place in 2014. The names are already out there; In addition to Booker, Rep. Frank Pallone, Senate President Steve Sweeney, and even Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver have all expressed unterest in running. By the end of the day, the list might expand more. But the reality is, none of them…