Why did you create in the Lobby?
In the Lobby LLC was launched as a web site on Feb. 5, 2007. We originally started as a newsletter, planning to offer our insights and analysis on the New Jersey political scene once a month.

We quickly learned, however, that wasn’t enough.

We had received such a positive response to the newsletter, but it soon became clear that once a month was just too long to go in between issues.

There was so much to say, and too much time to wait.

Not to mention all the good gossip we had to pass on.

So we decided to go daily – or in some cases, hourly, or even by the minute.

After all, any one who has ever spent an afternoon at the Statehouse knows that plenty of information is exchanged, and news created, when you least expect it.

While we can’t always promise to be first, we can always promise that we will continue to bring you the commentary, gossip and analysis that you’ve come to expect from us.

We’ll have links to the top news stories of the day, political tidbits, Statehouse skullduggery and everything else that makes Trenton work — or not.

Our philosophy is simple: we aren’t here to promote one political party or another. We believe we’re expressing the views of the taxpayers and citizens of New Jersey. And while we may have our own opinions about various parties and politicians, we’ll try to be fair.

So if you’re interested in sending us news tips, or want to advertise, you can e-mail us at mail@inthelobby.net.

Are you in it today?